BROzillian by The Beau


While I always have the desire to look and feel my best every day of my life, I especially have this desire when I'm on vacation. I love the opportunity to be as glamorous as my newfound surroundings. Usually I'll book appointments for a haircut, manicure, pedicure and a spray tan ahead of my vacation, but this time I went the extra mile and checked myself into Lancer & Lace for my first ever waxing session.

I had never received a Men's Brazilian before, but I thought there'd never be more of an appropriate opportunity than for the days I'd spend scantily-clad on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Upon walking into the beautiful salon co-owned by Julia Anderson and Katie Rainwater, my nerves were instantly assuaged as the staff made me right at home. I was glad not to feel shame or embarrassment as I waited for the esthetician in the invitingly modern lobby. Camille, a well-trained and instantly likable expert in her field, guided me through the entire experience. It only took a few minutes to get over the initial awkwardness of being naked in front of a stranger, especially knowing that it's really not that big of a deal. I won't lie though, hair removal is not a procedure that comes without pain, but I found myself able to get through it without even so much as a yelp. Before leaving the salon, Camille gave me all the proper tips to care for my freshly waxed swimsuit region and assured me that the pain would subside in only a short matter of time.

Having a Brazilian gave me the confidence I needed to wear the fun swimsuits I purchased from Rufskin. It felt so awesome to frolic on the beach and by the pool with not a care in the world, so much so that I wouldn't have minded if the ocean pulled my swimsuit clean off. I'd highly recommend visiting Lancer & Lace and exploring their array of luxurious services before going on your next vacation!

the BEAU